Die For You
Satoshi is Back pt II

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After his mother relocated the family to Las Vegas when he was a teenager, 88N8 began to take rap more seriously. Releasing a plethora of mixtapes under the moniker TNN (That Ni*** Nate), he gained a small buzz by remixing Eminem’s classic ”Stan”. The song was featured on WorldStarHipHop and led to some small opportunities. As time went on, the buzz of TNN died down and Nate began to question if music was his path. Realizing that a career in music is indeed a marathon, TNN decided to re-brand as 88N8. He began releasing new music and caught a buzz among Crypto-Currency enthusiast by releasing the Crypto Anthem Digital Gold. The song led to new opportunities in a very niche music lane. 88N8 is constantly working to build is audience across the spectrum of music by continually trying new ideas, collaborating, and pushing boundaries.

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